Monthly National Ministry Meeting, East Garden

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim shared a message at the national ministry meeting on June 16, 2015 after a Day of All True Things morning service at East Garden. He shared the core of True Mother’s messages during her visit to the United States last month, encouraging the American Unificationists to be responsible for God’s providence and be the hope for the future.


At this time, True Mother shared so many messages here and in Las Vegas. The most precious among her messages was, “let us Americans be responsible for True Parent’s providence around the world, and be responsible for Korea, and be responsible for the sake of the world.”From Las Vegas, let us, America, fulfill our portion of responsibility for the sake of the world.

Sometimes, when True Mother speaks about America, she says we don’t support True Parents; sometimes True Parents are unhappy with us, telling us we must fulfill this and that responsibility.  So when we hear this, or when we do something wrong—like with Danbury—people say America can’t fulfill her portion of responsibility. But not this time. This time, True Mother really focused on the present time—how can we recover all our past wrongdoings? How can we correct the American Movement’s history for the future?  With great hope, centering on True Parents, centering on Heavenly Parent. This is the matter today, what True Mother is looking at.

You know, just before True Mother left for the International airport to go to Korea, Dr. Walsh and I had the chance to visit with her in the lounge, and we spent ten or twenty minutes there, and then we had to leave for our flight. I greeted True Mother and thanked her for coming to America, New York and Las Vegas, and for spending time with us, and participating in all the big meetings and small meetings.  I Think there must be thousands of issues, not only from America but from Korea, Japan, Europe and south America, day and night, coming to True Mother. How can she handle all of this? It’s sometimes hard for me to take care of all of the things I am responsible for. Everyone has their own course. But you know, my way of overcoming hardships is to live with positivity and do Hoon Dok Hwe and read the Holy Scriptures. Doing these things really give me the power and vision I need to bring this country back to God’s side in a very positive way.

So I greeted True Mother and told her, “I am so blessed to spend the last three weeks with you, attending you. Sometimes you are so serious. Sometimes, you are really telling me what to do, asking why I’m not doing this and that. So, sometimes it was very painful to be before True Parents, but many times, always, True Mother was smiling back at me and giving strength and energy and power to overcome all kinds of situations. We are sometimes stuck; how can we overcome the situations of today?” But True Mother is very simple. I found out that she is very simple. Yes, Hoon Dok Hwe, and prayer conditions, and True Father and Heavenly Parent are always telling me what to do. So True Mother, smiling back, said, “Did I stay three weeks here in America?” So that means that time has flown. She didn’t notice that she stayed three weeks! That means it’s been busy, and she must have had a good time! So I thought, did you have a good time? Three weeks, it doesn’t feel like three weeks. If you have a bad time, one day feels like one year.  So I really felt comfortable when she said that, and smiled. I was so relieved. I heard that driving back to the Cheon Jeong Gung from the Incheon airport, as she sat in the backseat of her car with some leaders in attendance, she became serious again. So this is the life of True Parents. So let’s give True Mother a big hand!

 I always care all your reports with me, sometimes on paper, sometimes on my Smartphone; I’m looking for the best chance to read each one of your testimonies to True Mother. Of course, I can’t ever read all of them because there is no time, but I read as many as possible to her.  I know we don’t have much time right now, but I’d like to read a few:

“I have spent nearly my entire adult life in this movement and had high expectations; foolish expectations that the kingdom of heaven would soon alight with the coming of True Father and True Mother and the Divine Principle. How little I understood. How little I have contributed. True Mother, this time, reminded us, and cried with us, and pleaded with us to fulfill our portion of responsibilities. And True Mother loves us. Through all these events, it was like a showdown prayer with God in some ways. It is a meaning and a message that hit my conscience. Now it is for me to make a plan of action in a way that I have not done before.”

One from GPA:

“Even though it was hard to understand everything around here, you can tell that True Mother’s heart was asking us to strive for something important, such as how America is the elder-son nation. True Mother’s heart is that she wants to build a God-centered world. Through the speech she gave and throughout the event, I felt that True Mother was pushing for something more. I can see how hard she works without resting every single day, even at that age. We saw the highlights of True Mother’s works, and even though many people were losing hope in the world, True Mother kept investing so much.” 

And one from a pastor of the Christian Light Mission Baptist Church:

“Even though Father Moon went to the spirit world, his vision lives on in True Mother. She is fulfilling his vision as he set it in motion. The opening of the international peace education center was like a day of Pentecost, with people coming from all over the world to share their heart and dreams, and thank True Mother for being able to stand with her husband to carry out the vision. It is amazing that she can stand so strong on all that Father Moon shared with her from God throughout their lives together. Eve went away from Adam and went her own way and then Adam followed her—whereas True Mother received God’s word through her husband and now is standing on her own to strongly deliver the voice of God.”

So whenever I accompany True Mother, I’m always carrying these testimonies. So if you hear the testimonies all at once, it takes an hour. It’s not so inspirational. So instead, I read one testimony at a time, here and there. When we travel in a car, I will sit in the backseat and read. I’ll read testimonies from one page. Then stop. Then wait for the next opportunity, and read from the second page and stop. The next day, I will read a KODAN sister’s testimony, for example. So I do my best to let True Mother hear from America. True Mother said, “Oh we have good American members here!” So let’s give a hand to all the American members (applause).

My personal mission from the beginning of ministry when I was younger up until today is to act as mediator between True Parents; whatever I receive from True Mother and True Father, I try to share precisely, without my own thinking. And whatever I receive from the field, our leadership and our youth, I always try to deliver what they say to True Parents as it is shared. True Parents learn about American families and how they are preparing for the sake of America and for the sake of this country from the member’s own words.

So we have wonderful families here, and at the same time, True Parents. We have wonderful testimonies, but we must know what our portion of responsibility is. Be better. You know, as this one family members’ testimony said, what is our conscience telling us to do? You know, True Mother’s memory is shocking. She remembers telling us back at Christmas time in Las Vegas to hold a Top Gun second generation workshop. She asked about it. “What is America doing for the coming generation? I told you last year. Now, I’m not telling you. Now, I’m directing you what to do. Already I told Europeans to come over to Cheong Pyeong.”  Last year, she told us that we could have the workshop in America. So we had more options. This time she is saying, “Come to Cheong Pyeong” for the Top Gun workshop. “I will lead them to become future leaders” she said. Because we didn’t do our portion of responsibility, True Mother wants to take our responsibility, leading and teaching our youth for the sake of America. So I was very impressed and very much shocked. We are receiving more blessings.

I’ve already asked our leadership here to connect with Europe, as they have already set dates for the Top Gun workshop for Europeans at Cheong Pyeong from August 4- 24, 21-days. I really hope every youth in our movement will want to participate in this Top Gun workshop—and once again, how beautifully the younger generation gave the presentations today! How does Crescentia have the power and confidence? She’s busy! I really hope that we can mobilize our youth to go to the 21-day workshop, at least a hundred youth. So once again, thank you for your wonderful support, and America—we have great hope centering on True Parents. Once again, thank you, and happy True Day of All Things.

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