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  • Edward Lee Titus


    Thank you for sharing this concise and well focused outline to move forward with substantial clarity of purpose and support for our membership infrastructure in a realistic progressive way. I like it. It also gives me something concrete to pray for reflect upon and perhaps offer an inspired contribution.
    Rev Kevin Thompson, thank you for encouraging me to read DP 1 hr 100 x now I begin reading the whole text for the 16th time in 21 months. Everytime feels like progressive development happens and I feel more strongly empowered to share naturally(witnessing) and have a strong feeling of being directly connected to God’s providence and responsibility and more urgency to support Las Vegas Providence True Parents Vision 2020.and have had many naturally inspiring experiences with the young adults here and connected internationally through social media.
    I don’t think it hurts to continually share a reiteration of our 2020 vision as an ongoing signifier to keep us on track and also catch the eye of the many prepared people to receive and support our world family vision. Thank you Shane everyone who contributed.


  • Randy & Kumiko Francis


    Thank you for going through this process. We will use this in discussions and plans for our local church.


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