Whistleblower Policy

Article  I Ethics and Conduct PolicyThe  Holy Spirit  Association  for  the  Unification of World Christianity  (hereinafter “Church”)  requires directors, officers, and... Read more

National Council Meeting Notes May 2015

May 2015 Dear Brothers and Sisters,Attached are notes from the 1st National Council Meeting of 2015, which was held on the 12th Floor of the New Yorker Hotel, April 25-26th.   It was our first... Read more

Personal Growth Committee Report 2014

The Personal Growth Committee, consisting of Dr. David Burgess (chair), Poppy Richie and RoseAnn Kennett, discussed the potential for personal growth within the Unification Movement. It began by... Read more

Church Growth Committee Report 2014

Identifying the obstacles to growth of the Unification Church and proposing solutions to those obstacles were the tasks taken on by the Church Growth Committee. The committee consists of National... Read more

Judicial Committee Report 2014

After several months of prayerful dialogue and research in order to understand the heart of our brothers and sisters and provide appropriate responses to their legitimate questions and concerns, the... Read more

Finance Committee Report for December 2014

Mission The Finance Committee consists of Steven Jares, Cindy Pfeiffer and Christine Hempowicz. It was formed to review and provide recommendations on the financial reporting methods of HSA-UWC USA,... Read more