New Year Message by Dr. Ki Hoon Kim

On Friday, January 8, 2016, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chairman of FFWPU North America, delivered the following New Year message at the National Ministry meeting.


Good morning everyone. Happy New Year! May God continue to give abundant blessings to your family, your community and your church throughout the year 2016. First of all, I’d like to present a song to you, and you are the first audience to hear it, ever, in God’s providence of 6,000 years.

True Parents’ Birthday Song

True Mother created this song. Can you imagine that? From this year on, this will be the official song for True Parents’ birthday. True Mother had the inspiration to write these words, and then two weeks ago she sent these lyrics to America, Japan and Korea, and they all offered three different musical renditions using these words as lyrics. Yesterday, True Mother had a New Year’s meeting in Korea with international leadership. True Mother selected David Eaton’s song as the official True Parents’ birthday song.

True Mother said, “True Parents’ birthday needs to be celebrated by the whole world quickly. That is the hope of humanity.”

The song’s genre is for choir. It’s like a cheerful opera, turning the secular happy birthday song to one of praise, and effort toward the day when all people give thanks and live hope as they look forward to celebrating True Parents’ birthday.

This song really represents America. From now on, this music will be very popular in our community as well as around the world.

A New Year Toward Vision 2020

When I was with True Mother on the first day of this year, we discussed many things. True Mother’s focus this coming year was on Vision 2020 and how we can testify True Parents to everybody. True Parents came not only for Unificationists or Blessed families, but the whole world. We have to remember this. We have to overcome narrow-minded activities. Many times, many leaders are analyzing how we can develop our church communities. We can’t just go any way; we need to go God’s way. God’s will is not human’s will. God’s will, at the same time, must be human’s will. We mustn’t reverse these things. If we confuse this, we confuse everything around us: our church, our nation, America. True Mother mentioned this year that Tribal Messiahship is the only way to inherit the spirit of True Parents.

To fulfill Tribal Messiahship, we need to connect 430 couples with True Parents. When we do that, we will inherit the whole authority and whole treasure and legacy we build up centering on True Parents. We will receive everything as a blessing. True Mother mentioned opening our hearts and trying to understand a better and new way to align with God’s will and True Parents’ will. This means having an awareness of God, awareness True Parents, and awareness of ourselves and each other; to love God and love one another. This is True Mother’s New Year message.

Holy Day Celebrations

True Mother especially mentioned, though many district pastors are coming to Korea in February for Foundation Day, please assign good leaders in your state to put together a wonderful celebration for True Parents’ birthday throughout the nation, in all 50 states, and of course also the Foundation Day Marriage Blessing. We have over 30 churches registered to attend the Blessing Ceremony on Foundation Day. The American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) also prepared over 40 churches to host an event. 

The Key to the Kingdom of Heaven

Yesterday, True Mother had another meeting with church and business organization leaders. A key message from True Mother was about Joshua and Caleb’s story. Think about Joshua and Caleb. They settle down the land God blessed and prepared. At the beginning, they work together, they cooperate with one another and they love one another. Even Caleb stood up at the age of over 80 years old, saying nobody will take this land; only their tribe would take this land, and then follow God’s directions. Caleb, until the last moment, his death, supported Joshua and God’s way.

What happened after that? The coming generations got lost again. They failed to fulfill their missions again centering on Joshua and Caleb. Centering on the True Parents we need to fulfill our portion of responsibility and build the kingdom of heaven on earth. Now True Mother is really focusing on how we can fill the kingdom of heaven while True Parents are still on earth, and how we can anticipate when True Mother goes to the spirit world with True Father. Whenever we build and experience the kingdom of heaven on earth, we have the key to open the kingdom of heaven. Jesus taught this 2,000 years ago, and now True Parents.

The Importance of Education

True Mother shared with us Vision 2020. We really want to build and never fail again. This is the reason True Mother is focusing on education for the coming generations.

We need to work together and fulfill our portion of responsibility with a continuous education process. The next Aloha Workshop and Top Gun Workshop are coming soon. All these educational efforts are there to make each one of us, each family, to become an owner of Cheon Il Guk (God’s Kingdom). This is the purpose of any kind of workshop, any kind of conference and seminar, and the upcoming Holy Day celebrations. All this is related. True Mother has a very clear goal to fulfill, more than anything else, the educational purpose: awareness God, awareness of True Parents, and awareness our self, who we are.

This is True Mother’s New Year message and where we headed this year. Let us be true Tribal Messiahs and cultivate outreach. If we have that kind of commitment, yes, we will do it. We have so many challenges around us, but I am 100 percent, absolutely sure that when we unite, when we move forward with God centered True Parents’ God-centered will, nothing is impossible. Yes, we will get there, and we will show the kingdom of heaven on earth to the world. Thank you and God bless you.