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  • Klaus Epmeier



    thank you for the greetings to our 39th blessing anniversary.
    We knew the picture of us still exists, but we don´t have the original. Perhaps? It would be nice!

    We are now living in Cologne Germany, four years ago we closed down our copy shop and retired.

    Klaus + Ursula Epmeier

    p.s. I tried to send you a more recent picture. Sorry I´m no computer nerd.


  • Epmeier


    Thank you for your congratulations! What a nice picture from us !
    This picture remembers us on our Wedding Day in MSG New York 1982.


  • Julie Hirakami


    My husband Yasuyuki (Charles) and I are in his hometown of Hiroshima these past 29 years. Missing you all!
    THANK YOU for your fight for America. We’re doing our best for the Mother Nation as well.
    Two of our children are Blessed and living in MY hometown — Minneapolis. The other two are here in Japan.
    GOD BLESS YOU my unforgettable brothers and sisters!
    Thank you True Parents for this precious day….


  • Frances K Mackay


    Congratulations to Tommy and Isumi Bonhagen of Kenner, LA on 39 years of Blessed Marriage!!!


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