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  • A. Francis C. Catalan


    Read yesterday in our Hoon Dok Hae daily at 5:00 am in Washington D.C church page 50 Anthology :1. That True mother wrote in her diary “Urie swoon-Eun Tongil” meaning Our cherished Hope is for Unity of North and South Korea to be reunited. Cannot help but cry because True Father made it into a Song of Unity , the we sing after Unison Prayer!


  • Athanasius Francis C. Catalan


    Very powerful! Cannot help but cry because True Mother gave the words” Urie Sovon-Eun Tongil”. True Father made it into a Song of Unity. Meaning our Cherished Hope is for North and South to be reunited! It is on page 50 that we read in our Hoon Dok Hae everyday now Ten years & 50th day in Washington Family Church yesterday lives stream on Facebook.


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