Why a Marriage Blessing Movement?

The Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony, a tradition started by True Parents in 1960, is a celebration of the commitment of a man and woman to love each other eternally and to create a strong marriage and family.... Read more

Webinar: Balancing Family Life and Work

In this Marriage Enrichment Webinar, Michael & Adonia Hentrich share their best practices for prioritizing family in the midst of a busy schedule. Register for this September 24... Read more

Parents Receive Matching Education in Texas

Over 40 parents participated in the first Parents Matching Education, held in the beautiful Dallas Family Church in Texas from July 10 - 12. Participants traveled from all over Texas and surrounding States,... Read more

Parents’ Matching Education

Are you a parent who wants to learn about the matching engagement process, and network with other parents? There will be a Parents' Matching Education in Dallas, Texas on July 10-12, 2015.... Read more

WestRock Hosts Blessing Workshop

This past weekend, June 27 and 28, the WestRock Family Church community held its annual Level 1 Blessing Workshop at the local parsonage. Although it was small, they had participants from New York City,... Read more