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  • John O'Neill


    Below are very strong words from True Father regarding the decline of moral and spiritual values.

    “All religious people should feel responsible for the shaky spiritual foundation of this generation and should repent. Throughout the long history of religion, we have not made a convincing witness for our living God. Our past hypocrisy has allowed atheism to prevail. We should feel deeply guilty about all this. Today God is calling us. All religious people standing on the internal foundation of deep self-reflection and repentance should challenge the prevalence of all evils and work creatively in order to realise God’s will on earth. The living God wants to relate with us not merely in the context of scriptures and rituals, but rather dwelling in the hearts of people who keep God’s will in their minds and live it in everyday life.”


    • Tom Cutts


      This is a great quote from True Father, John O’Neill. Can you cite the reference?


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