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  • Douglas Paul Moriarty


    (I seem to have hard time with comment in submitting it…) Anyway here it is. This looks like a great meeting for True Mother’s Vision 2020. We are praying for this success.
    I just finished watching this morning a Christian Film called ‘MONUMENTAL’ by Kirk Cameron in 2012. This movie lays out the providence of God in the development of Civil Society centering on the Pilgrim ‘seperatists’. 1620-2020 was made note of in this recent conference. Please refer this film to others to watch over the next 120 days and use it to help further America’s understanding of the way to heal America, when you visit other churches and groups. I say this because it points out that ‘WE HAVE TO GO BACK TO GO FORWARD’.True Father taught us this as he called us the New Pilgrims many times. I would say that the filmmakers are also part of the REALM OF THE FOURTH ADAM. Never think that we are all alone with this great responsibility of Vision 2020. Some just don’t understand all the details as yet, including ourselves. History is unfolding rapidly in front of us at speeds never seen before; just look at the difficulties of the last 7 years, filled with horrors like ISIS beheadings to conflicts on every issue, at every turn. Our family lives in Australia and I offer this resource e:book to help bring more thought about changes coming through the Providence of Heavenly Parent,True Parents Vision for America and the World-Wide Providence.


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