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  • James Osborn


    He had been in New England for so long, and we New Englanders miss him so!


  • Klaus Schick


    Thank You Rev. Buessing for your inspiring Thoughts on “Heaven”….

    Was asked to give this Sunday’s Sermon and I was thinking about a similar subject, but more in Line with describing Heaven in the Spirit-World. Your Thoughts that we have to become Heaven are very complementary. Heaven is what we wish for but not too many sermons are focused on it. Is it the lack of knowledge or Experience? What did True Father tell us about it? In the early 70’s Bo Hi Pak told us to read Borgia’s “Life in the World Unseen” – to many of us it broke new ground about how Life works over there. We just need to want to know more and focus with an original mind to ask the right questions – but meanwhile prepare our own hearts keep our minds pure and welcome God into our Life’s – as Rev. Buessing said – we should become like God, based on our own personal Uniqueness…..


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