A Practical Guide to Becoming a Global Citizen

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God’s Divine Design

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A New You for the New Year

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The Real Miracle of Christmas

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4 Steps to Make Amends

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Out on the Ocean with Rev. Moon

We interviewed Clive, a Unificationist from England who shared with us some of the insights he gained while fishing with True Father, and how they might benefit us... Read more

Being God’s Hands, Eyes and Ears

Supporting others through hard times may not always be easy, especially when mental illness is involved, but that’s when the love and support of a friend can make the greatest difference. Here are a few... Read more

The Key to Great Blessings

The three great blessings are a gift as well as a lifelong journey. As we strive to be individuals of integrity, grow our family and be stewards of the world, here are some resources to enrich the... Read more