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  • Bruno Klotz


    True Father: “But first of all, to become a leader of the world, you must be armed with our truth. The truth is your weapon. In any circumstances when you represent the truth you should not be in a defensive position. You are in a positive position to give out the truth. You must start from the firm realization that we have a unique truth which is so powerful that God has revealed it only to us, and that this is the light and hope of the world. This kind of conviction must come to you. Are you feeling this?” 3.2.74 in the UK

    True Mother: “We have to unite and, to this world, we have to tell them with pride that True parents have come and True Parents have done great works and that True Parents are victorious. We have to tell them that without fear! Whatever you do In the name of True Parents the entire physical and spiritual realm will be with you so what are you afraid of?” 25.10.14

    True Father: “So really too many people are not necessary to move the world, to move the universe. In the sight of God you are on a scale. Let us say this is the weight of Great Britain. You are an individual here, but in the sight of God your faith, your universal understanding, your commitment, your dedication and love, the size of extraordinary love, are the heavier. You, one man, can really turn Great Britain upside down … But today our weight is so lightweight!” 3.2.74 in the UK


  • Rev. Craig A. Williams


    “without True Parents, we have no hope.”

    Aju! Aju! Aju!


  • Annemarie Nordhagen


    I will pray for all brothers + sisters and blessed families in America, the providence of Heavenly Parents and True Parents can be fulfilled.


  • noah rakale


    This is an inspiring message summarising Tribal Messiahship in three points. 1 commit yourself to a three years goal of ensuring that all households in our tribes knows about the name True Parents. 2. Teach them Divine Principle. 3 bring them to blessing. 4. read with them holy scriptures. Thank you.

    noah rakale
    south africa: Redeemed church of God


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