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  • Ms. Marguerite Felig


    This morning’s service was warmly exuberant and empowering. It filled my heart. The Kisile family in Grand Rapids, MI caught my heart with their engaging harmony, large loving family and rich instrumental accompaniment. The music prepared me to attend Sunday Service and even set my heart to open. Ms. Kaeleigh Moffitt greeted those of us watching the broadcast so warmly! It seemed like we had stepped into a family gathering at her home: and that was indeed what happened. I almost felt she might offer me morning coffee!
    Archbishop Kim helped bridge the physical distance between me and True Mother by sharing Her heart and concern for Heavenly USA when She calls to find how Team Heavenly USA is doing! It was telling to hear that the room where Dr. Kim spoke today is where he takes calls from True Mother, reads Godible and offers deep, sincere prayer. After hearing him speak, my spirit could breathe more easily. I am concerned about his family, and I hope all family members are healthy.
    Rev. Dunkley, thank you for your exceptional message on “Family is the School of Love!” While I’m walled away from others in my own family-testing and proving grounds, I know and feel with gratitude that True Parents are raising my family to sustain catastrophes of enormous magnitude (unpredictable Montana Spring weather, as well). Though we don’t see them right now: it will seem like heaven-on-earth to see blossoms on fruit trees which resemble pastel clouds clinging to bare branches. Montana weather and family relationships are tests of my maturity; I resolve to make commitments to my family constant and growing and to focus on them especially this week. It was an enriching Sunday Service, and the prayers and call for tithing were critical factors. I felt the sincerity of those who prayed and received my offering. Thank you to all who joined in making the March 29, 2020 Sunday Service time that was very well invested.


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