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  • Gordon L. Anderson


    Dr. Lewis is helping to pave the ground for a higher understanding that integrates the sciences and traditional views of God. He is part of the “remnant” of the days of ICUS and other activities funded by True Father in the 1970s and 1980s that reached out to change the culture of the larger world. I hope these activities can continue.

    I would just like to raise one point about his presentation in which he divides the sciences into basic sciences and life sciences. He does not discuss “social sciences,” which are in extreme need of help today. I believe there is such a thing as the possibility of genuine application of scientific methods to the study of society (econometrics, politometrics, etc.), but that the social sciences got off to a bad start with Comte’s rejection of theology and metaphysics, and the disastrous politicization of these fields with Marxism and other non-scientific ideologies that just masquerade as science for purposes of obtaining power or wealth. Therefore I want to put in a plug for adding social sciences to general overviews of unification discussions of science.


  • Frank Bell


    I agree with and support everything that Dr.Lewis presented, except that tachyons are an interpretation that have not been experimentally verified and so are not necessarily a basis for the operation of “spirit world”. The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research experiments published in the IEEE Journal that show that thought can influence the outcome of quantum probability results supports the interpretation that the universe has an information aspect as well as an energy aspect.


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