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  • Mie Lipowcan


    I participated the 3rd week of this witnessing campaign. It was definitely an amazing experience. I felt that God was watching me on every step of my day. On the first day of my witnessing I was trying to unite with my brothers and sisters. We made teams by pairs and tried to learn the witnessing style of our partner. At the end of the first day one sister asked me if I made a vertical connection to God. The second day I still tried to work on my horizontal relationship with brothers and sisters. I knew my past failure of witnessing was because I need to improve my vertical connection to God and central figure and make a substantial foundation. In order to make a foundation of substance I have to report my heart to my central figure. And I was told “You can ask God”. I started to pray with my honest sincere heart to God. The 3rd day the morning service title was “Am I needed?” Of course I need to restore the Cain Abel unity and repent for our guests so that they can restore their ancestry. On the 4th day I started to become more aware of my internal attitude. Am I loving this person with God’s heart. Another sister told me that the guest is a reflection of myself. Now I repent more for our sins of not 100% totally supporting True Mothers direction. On the 5th day we had free time for half the day. I wanted to do some more witnessing so I went out by myself. I really tried to connect to God’s heart with sincere prayer. The first person that I met said to me “Thank you for talking to me”. And I was able to connect instantly with the second person. At the end of our meeting he gave me a gift even though he couldn’t relate to the Principle at this moment. I really learned throughout the week the principled way of the restoration course. We have to restore our heart to rise up to our parental position. To know God’s heart toward each person we have to unite the internal vertical first and then the horizontal external circumstances. I will continue to improve my relationship with God and True Parents with prayer and convey to my local brothers and sisters to make unity and bring spiritual children. Mansei!!!


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