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  • James Rigney


    The following is a quote from True Mother’s speech. “Light is Truth. It is God’s word. What all humankind hopes and longs for is not truth centered on human beings but truth centered on God. ”

    I suggest you replace “God’s word” with God’s Word, as well as “truth centered on God” with Truth centered on God.

    In Father’s teaching , “Truth is also called The Word,” and is the Blueprint for the Ideal of Creation.
    Father also said that “Truth is the Principle that guides all systems, …” I would think, then that The Word is The Truth, and each are another expression of The Principle.

    If anyone needs references ask me and I will send them to you. If you ask, they will be emailed.

    God Bless True Parents, and be with True Mother as she becomes involved in “The Spiraling System of God’s Love linking humankind to God, and God to humankind” around the globe. She is establishing the World Home Church which will expand to level of the Universe.


    • Nikolaus Beutl


      Dear James,
      I would appreciate it if you could email me the respective quotations from Father’s words to which you are refering. Thank you very much for your dedication to God’s Will!
      May Heaven guide you always,


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