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  • Maree Patricia Gauper


    As the survivor of an infamous abduction and deprogramming ordeal in 1983, I sincerely thank you for this update. Meanwhile, the American public appears silent on this issue, in part because of intense hostility against religion in general by secular humanists, the mental health profession and others.
    Another factor may be our own church’s internet image, which remains disturbingly negative. One single contributing factor to the negativity has been a TED Talk by ex-UC member and deprogramming advocate Diane Benscoter. Her presentation, entitled “How cults rewire the brain”, has had over one million views and is almost certainly being used by hostile groups to justify forced abductions and de-conversions in parts of the world where such outrageous activities are still condoned by the state.
    How can we counter this kind of Goliath? My husband has some good ideas. He has become a one-man David protesting the giant TED by handing out fliers at TED or TEDx events, to try and raise public awareness. For more info, see the post “Tiff with TED” on his blog


    • editorial


      Dear Raymond Hawkins, Thank you for your comment. Please follow the links to the newsletter and the Human Rights Without Frontiers International website to learn more. Thank you.


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