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  • irmgard baynes


    thank you President Dunkley for this additional reflection on the current uproar and protest about an issue most of us are impacted by, may it be emotionally or being concerned or otherwise. I so wholeheartedly agree that we are the ones who have to solve the racial and economic divide. And the first step to search our heart, our True Parents encourage not to hurt each other’s heart, to think of the other more than ourselves, to see God in each other, to feel as one family. And you are also right that we have wonderful community, as blessed families we strive to live at high noon without casting shadows.


  • Sunder Willett



    Thank you so much for your followup letter. Thanks to our True Parents vision, our faith community is a huge step ahead of most others around the world. True Father believed in creating one race, the “Love” race, and deliberately intermarried people from different cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities for the sake of a better future with God. However, as you said, just because True Parents’ vision is broad and all inclusive doesn’t automatically mean that our own visions are as equally broad and inclusive.

    Through conversations and discussions these past weeks, I have come to acknowledge the uncomfortable reality that I have some subconscious or implicit biases against people with darker skin, that I, as an Asian-White American brother married to an African sister, am not immune to biases and judgments against people who look different from me. It has been an uncomfortable realization, but, because I have acknowledged that, I get to do something about it now. As one BC recently said to me, sometimes it’s harder for people who genuinely want to love all people to acknowledge an internal bias than it is for genuine racists. And yet, if we genuinely do love all people, then we get to follow God’s absolute standard rather than a relative one.

    Thank you for responding to voices from our national movement. Thank you for your call to action. Thank you for your desire for a more perfect movement.

    Sunder Willett


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