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  • Gregory Bowman


    Rev. Dunkley.

    It was a pleasure meeting you in New Jersey and Korea. You are chosen by God and True Parents for this time. Thank you for focusing on victory. We are blessed to have a President with these instincts. We know that because our focus determines our reality. You are leading the way to a bright future.

    Grace and Victory

    Greg Bowman
    Beaverton Oregon


  • Dr. Michael Jenkins


    Dear Rev. Dunkley,

    Letters like this personally from you and Mrs. Dunkley, to every blessed family give us a very direct connection to True Mother, Dr. Kim and the True Mother’s heart for us today.

    Through Godible and our HDH with True Parents Words we get life and our providential power. Through this kind of letter the members can be connected to today’s heartbeat of heaven and we can even more effectively move together as one.


    Dr. Michael and Minister Reiko Jenkins


  • Jorge Cuello Espinosa


    Dear Rev. Demian Dunkley,

    Thank you so much for this letter. I am excited to learn more about the meaning of the total victory that we achieved during the past 7 years, and I am praying for direction about the next 7 years of our movement. Thank you so much for your investment for each one of our families in the United States and for keeping us connected with True Mother’s desires and words. We love you, from the Bronx, New York <3


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