Everyone wants happiness and a world of peace. Yet we live in a world where war, division and violence are commonplace. Everywhere, cultures are clashing. When we see starving people stricken by poverty, women struggling to escape the chains of domestic violence, and the never-ending crimes worldwide, the problems of the world seem insurmountable. It becomes difficult not to ask, “Where do we go from here?”

Solutions to our divided culture begin with the quiet revolution inside each of us. On July 15, 2017, True Mother will pave a pathway for change and deliver a message of hope: Peace Starts With Me. In a time when our nation is engulfed in disunity, True Mother reminds us that we are greater than our differences. She encourages us to come together as brothers and sisters to take a step in unison toward peace.

And to top it all off, Grammy award-winning Gospel singers Bishop Hezekiah Walker and Yolanda Adams will sing their hearts out on July 15 for love, for peace, and for God. A 2,000 voice choir and praise dancers, with people from all around the world, will showcase the beauty of unity.

Let’s start peace together, as one family under God—July 15, at Madison Square Garden. 

Tickets are no longer available online. Your local pastor may have tickets available.