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  • Dr.Donna


    I agree with you Klaus, wholeheartedly.
    Our founder asked us to do civic service and get involved in the political process(EG 2007).
    We can partner with other groups who are like-minded and do these projects. I have
    participated with Concerned Women for America for a number of years. We pray and write letters to officials and legislators about family values, educational and freedom issues. Also, since America is in such decline, I have volunteered to support principled candidates in local and state offices and to network about important issues, such as stopping the Common Core curriculum.
    Without uniting the vertical with the horizontal process of transforming the institutions in society, our founder told us that “we would decline.” As citizens, we are called to be better
    stewards of our environment, schools, and community organizations.
    There are some wonderful projects supported by Christian organizations. Franklin Graham’s
    Samaritan’s Purse is one. Shalom Communities is another. The time has come for ACLC, WFWP, UPF etc. to partner more with these organizations and the focus on issues which affect America communities directly. We have a lot to offer and a balance with respect to some of the
    secularist tendencies in some organizations.


  • Klaus Schick


    Important – How can we bring back America under God?
    Can our Tribal Messiahship or Home Church concept be promoted to Christian Churches, for the sake of saving the Country?

    Agreeing with Franklin Graham, about the need for Prayer, and increased Christian involvement on the Civic Level. But this is not enough. Christianity in general has become somewhat stale. We need to transform our selves from Sunday Service Christianity to everyday involvement.
    Good step would be for Christian Families to adapt a street, city-block or neighborhood and visit families regularly, finding out about Families needs and try to help. The far-left has done so in the past by using Negatives – we can use positives like love, truth and charity.

    This is the complement to Franklin Graham’s – Prayer & Civic action.
    I believe this Social Action of outreach, which we call in the UC – Home Church and Tribal Messiahship needs to be applied by all of Christianity – only in this way we can bring the country back from Secularist domination under God’s Guidance & Blessings.
    What is needed is a three prong strategy: Prayer, Civic Action & Social Action…

    What if ACLC would promote such kind of Outreach to their Pastors?

    Your Thoughts?


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