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  • Laura Taylor Hayashi


    I think I entered: I posted on Facebook, put the hashtags in my comment, tagged the photos Is that it?


  • Mary Jane Anderson


    (We sent in our photos about three hours ago, so here is now a little bit of our story)
    From Mary Jane Anderson; my husband is Gordon Anderson.

    We were both at UTS when we were matched. I was a junior and Gordon was a senior. The matching was in May 1979 right before Gordon was to graduate and go on for an advanced degree. We were unique couple in that we knew each other quite well and both of us joined in Minnesota. We have similar ancestry and found out after the matching that our physical families had past connections to our great surprise. Even, there was a spirit world connection. Our match was unique in that my spiritual mother prayed for three days and three nights to find a replacement for Gordon as she felt responsible for his spiritual daughter who had left the church under her care. Somehow she felt that they were to be a eternal couple and she had spoiled it for him. Not long after her prayer she met me, I not knowing about her condition. Needless to say, when she came back from her foreign mission after our matching, she told us the story and we were pretty shocked at the power of prayer as True Father did indeed put us together!

    Gordon almost missed the matching as he had gone to Minn. to visit his family. His spiritual mother was looking out for him and wouldn’t stop until she exhausted every possibility of reaching him. Finally she found him through his old boss who gave a clue on where he was and soon he was on the next plane back to NY. Through the UTS grapevine at the time, I knew there was problems finding him. When I saw him enter the ballroom, I said to myself, “That’s great..Gordon made it just in time!” It wasn’t long before we looked at each other as future husband and wife!

    We have had a wonderful marriage and enjoy being in Minnesota where most of our joint families live. We have four children and two grandchildren. We are so thankful for True Parents and all that they have done for us and the world to build ideal families.


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