A Culture of Peace

This week in history: July 13-19The first Peace Cup soccer tournament was held.True Father was sentenced for tax evasion, leading to millions supporting an appeal.True Parents launched the Abel Women United... Read more

Stories from the Road

William Stoner – Memphis, Tennessee On Wednesday, July 3rd, my wife, Mary, and I participated in the bus pilgrimage in Memphis, Tennessee. After the prayer at the Holy Ground, we followed the bus to Pastor... Read more

Happy in Heaven, Lucky on Earth

  Under blue skies and the hot early morning sunshine of Sunday, July 13, forty participants of the God’s Hope for America Holy Ground pilgrimage made a special stop to pray at the Unification National... Read more

Finding Your Sacred Spaces

In light of the ongoing God’s Hope for America pilgrimage, DP Life has graced its blog with a very zen article on how to create your own sacred space near home. It’s easier to connect to God when we can be... Read more

From Mountains to Monuments

This week, the God’s Hope for America pilgri­mage began to make its way up the East Coast. Daily prayer and moving speakers make for a momentous journey. The pilgrimage group hiked Stone Mountain in... Read more

Rain Will Not Stop Our Parade

The journey into the Deep South from July 5 to 7 brought showers and storms, but didn’t dampen spirits at the God’s Hope for America pilgrimage. Tampa, Florida With fresh, new road-trippers on the bus came... Read more

Unificationists Share Local Best-Kept Secrets

  Wherever we go in life, we can take the easy route and get simple results, or we can take the “long way” and have a much richer experience. This can be applied to traveling – something you may be... Read more

Locals Lend a Hand in Camp Mozumdar Revival

High atop the San Bernardino Mountains in South­ern California, Camp Mozumdar, marked by its gold-spired temple, is a unique and awe-inspiring place. The “Temple of Christ” and the “pillars of... Read more

Let Us Strive to Continue Our Efforts

On July 7, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, continental director of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), attended the Cheon Il Guk Supreme Council meeting inCheongpyeong, Korea where he met with True... Read more