In Memoriam: Julia B. Kim

Mrs. Julia B. Kim, the wife of Dr. Christopher Kim, ascended early this morning in Seoul, Korea after a long battle with illness. Mrs. Kim’s Seonghwa (Ascension ceremony) will be held on the morning of... Read more

A Blooming Legacy

This week marks 64 years since True Father faced imminent death before he was miraculously liberated from a North Korean prison camp on October 14, 1950. True Father said, in the Pyeong Hwa Hoon Gyeong’s... Read more

Forgive, Love and Unite: Let’s Ask New York

“What is an experience you had with forgiving another person? What tips would you suggest on how you approach forgiveness? What do you think of this poem,Crown of Glory, written by Rev. Sun Myung Moon about... Read more

Learn to Lead: An Event for Everyone!

Every woman—whether she is your daughter, mother, sister or wife—is a leader in her own right. We invite men and women to celebrate and magnify the capacity of women at the Women’s Federation for World... Read more

College Life My Way

Navigating a society where freedom from “rules” is celebrated—especially in college—it’s tough to uphold a set of values that don’t always line up with the “norm”. Hot topics among college-aged... Read more

The Road From Injustice to Blessings

This week in history: October 12-18True Father is released from the Heungnam Labor Camp.The 6,000-Couple Holy Marriage Blessing is held in Seoul.The first Cosmic Blessing Ceremony is held.True Father is... Read more