A Visit to the Peace Center

On July 23, 43 Japanese Unificationists from Okayama, Japan visited Cheon Hwa Gung and the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas on their first day of a pilgrimage to trace True Parents’... Read more

Dealing with Change

Change is a part of life, and this month, the DP Life blog has covered several different forms of change, such as adventure, curve-balls and “bumps in the road.” Today, DP Life shares a TED talk by... Read more

How to Reach Out

Reaching out to others to spread the good news about True Parents requires networking and connecting. Rather than making this a mechanical or robotic chore, it can be exciting and interesting finding creative... Read more

Spreading God’s Love

Japanese version We arrived at Niagara Falls last week, where True Father came in 1965 in the middle of the winter, gazing out at the rushing waters of the falls and thinking of God’s never-ending love. As... Read more


  As July ends and the lazy days of summer wind down, the time soon approaches for students to prepare for another year of school. College students deal with a unique dynamic as they juggle finalizing... Read more

We Will Make It Holy

The God’s Hope for America Pilgrimage gathered in the local park of Brattleboro called “The Common” where the Holy Ground of Vermont, the Green Mountain State, is located. Mike Macijeski gave a reading... Read more

How to Find Hope

Discouraging news seems to be plaguing our media intake in the last few weeks. With multiple violent outbreaks across the globe, and the ever-pervasive hunger, war, and distress at home and abroad, it may seem... Read more

Pilgrims Reach Plymouth

The God’s Hope for America Pilgrimage completed its Pilgrim Mini Tour stopping at Bridgeport University, Plymouth Rock and Boston Commons.  New Haven, Connecticut marked the 32nd Holy Ground stop for... Read more

A Pioneer of Peace

This week in history: July 20-26The first 40-day pioneer witnessing tradition beganTrue Father Enters Danbury PrisonTrue Father launches the forty-day National Prayer and Fast for the Watergate CrisisTrue... Read more