The Spirit and Physical World Are One

This week in history, the “Cloud of Witnesses” messages are collected from spirit world, The News World begins publication, God’s Day is established and True Father declares the Day of Victory of... Read more

Las Vegas Outreach Continues

This morning, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chair of FFWPU USA, brought gifts of encouragement and good health from True Mother to the 36 Unificationists from Korea who have been working closely with the nine... Read more

Exciting Outreach Initiative with True Mother

Over 40 Unificationists from Korea were invited personally by True Mother to come to Las Vegas to participate in a 14-day witnessing leadership program. In the past week True Mother has been personally... Read more

The 2014 ACLC National Convocation

A highlight of this year’s ACLC National Convocation was a Luncheon with True Mother, co-founder of the American Clergy Leadership Conference.  She addressed 330 pastors and ministers gathered at the South... Read more

New Jersey Youth Spread Christmas Cheer

The Mother’s Group of the New Jersey Family Church gathered their young children and visited the Kip Senior Center in New Jersey to brighten the day for the elderly tenants there. Equipped with a guitar,... Read more

The Real Miracle of Christmas

We imagine the nativity scene as serene, glowing and warm, but time has a way of smoothing out the rough edges. From a mother’s point of view, Laurel Nakai reflects on what it must have really been like... Read more