CARP Thanksgiving Retreat

CARP hosted a Thanksgiving retreat in Las Vegas from November 21-23. Unificationists and their guests attended, taking part in discussions, sports, activities and, of course, a Thanksgiving feast.... Read more

“Forgive, Love, Unite!”

This week in history, True Father’s "Answer to Watergate" appeared in 21 newspapers, True Father leaves Pyongyang, the first 40-Day Inter-Religious Leadership Seminar for Muslims is held, True Parents meet... Read more

Prayer Requests

The loving support of a community can empower its members through times of great transitions. Please take a moment to pray for those who have recently ascended to the Spirit... Read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours! As we celebrate this holiday of gratitude and giving, the national ministry team is thankful for the love and support of our... Read more

A Three Generation Household

Whether your three generation household is a special occasion you experience only on Thanksgiving, or if it is your way of life each and every day, the beauty of having three... Read more

Progress on the Toru Goto Case

A landmark court decision has been made on the Toru Goto case. Toru Goto, a Unificationist from Japan, was confined by relatives for 12 years and five months for... Read more

Continuing the Memorial Tradition

The Los Angeles Family Church held its sixth Annual Seonghwa Memorial Celebration to commemorate the lives of those who have ascended in the community.... Read more

The Heart of a Parent

This week in history, the first ICUS conference is held, Tiempos Del Mundo is launched, True Parents visit Oceania for the first time, True Parents prepare to meet with Kim Il Sung and... Read more

America Celebrates November Holy Days

This weekend we celebrated True Children’s Day and Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World. Watch and enjoy the photo gallery of community celebrations around the... Read more