Dallas Outreach Team Off to a Good Start

After a successful kickoff event, local and visiting Unificationists in Dallas dove right in to fulfilling their commitment to outreach in 2015. On February 24, 2015, the team prepared their materials and... Read more

​In Memory of Dr. Yoshihiko Masuda

Dr. Yoshihiko Masuda, a professor at the Cheong Shim Theological Seminary, ascended to the Spirit World at his daughter’s home in Arizona while recovering from a stroke. Dr. Masuda was a kind, gentle,... Read more

Being Our Best Selves

Growth is made up of moments, and working toward being our best selves is more of a lifestyle than a checklist. How can we be our best selves, each and every day? It may be simpler than we imagine. The... Read more

In Memory of Morrow Willis

Morrow Willis will forever be 29 in the memories of all the people around the world who knew and loved him. He ascended to the Spirit World in Houston on February 22, 2015, after contending with leukemia for... Read more

GPA Learns the Joy of Serving in Panama City

Renovating a playground to give local children a safe alternative to playing in the streets is just one of the service projects that about 25 volunteers from Generation Peace Academy (GPA) are assisting during... Read more

5 Ways Anyone Can Prepare for the Blessing

The Foundation Day Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony is one of the most anticipated events of the year for Unificationists worldwide. This year, 20 communities across the U.S. will host the event on March 2nd... Read more

The World Wishes True Parents a Happy Birthday!

Every year Unificationists around the world celebrate the birth of our True Parents which falls on the same lunar date, January 6, but in different years. This year True Parents celebrated their birthday on... Read more

Touching Hearts, One Person at a Time

From New Jersey to Puerto Rico, Unificationists around the world have been focused on connecting with people of all faiths and walks of life to share the heart and teachings of True Parents and the Divine... Read more