The Latest Issue of True Peace Magazine

IPeace TV released its February issue of True Peace magazine, a monthly electronic publication that highlights True Parents’ words—past and present—and news from around the world.  This month True Peace... Read more

Growth Requires a Challenge

Explore the many ways you can stretch past your comfort zone: in loving others, in your emotions, in your life plan. Read the articles below for new perspectives on how we can expand in the way we love, feel... Read more

Going Global: A Message of Peace

This week in history, True Father is released from his first imprisonment, True Father meets with President Nixon, Segye Times published its first edition, True Father celebrates his 70th birthday, True... Read more

Outreach in Hawaii Delves Deeper

Momentum has been building in Hawaii, where participants of all ages and from all around the country have gathered to learn more about their faith and to share it with others. The participants have been truly... Read more