CARP America at the 2014 World CARP Assembly

February 12, 2014, Korea. Naokimi Ushiroda and Teresa Ferrete of CARP USA on their way in to the 2014 Carp Assembly Dinner. Brightly colored lights flashed through the audience of approximately 500 students... Read more

A Joyous Blessing Echoes Across the Globe

A young couple from North America at the main event in Korea celebrates with thousands of others as the Foundation Anniversary celebrations and the 2014 Cosmic Blessing is held. Last night, 20,000 couples from... Read more

Countdown to The Blessing

The brides and grooms from America. Over the last few days, couples from all around the world arrived in Korea to take part in the Cosmic Blessing on February 12. Crescentia DeGoede, Blessed Family Ministry... Read more

Cosmic Blessing Draws Early Media Coverage

Even before thousands of Unificationists tie the knot during the February 2014 Marriage Blessing Ceremony (known as the “Cosmic Blessing”) in Korea and at satellite ceremonies around the world, the... Read more