West Coast Outreach in High Gear

CARP in Las Vegas and the Los Angeles Family Church have been working hard to spread the good news of True Parents and the teachings of the Divine Principle around the West Coast. Their latest endeavors... Read more

Prayer Request for John-Michael Portelance

The loving support of a community can empower its members through times of great transitions. Please take a moment to pray for John-Michael Portelance who recently ascended to the Spirit... Read more

Hawaii Outreach Team Continues to Empower

With the second week of the Honolulu outreach just beginning, excitement is in the air. The team has just said goodbye to some of the participants from the first week, while welcoming seven new people who have... Read more

The First World Tour

This week in history, True Father and Won Pil Kim arrive in Pusan, True Father conducts a World Peace Blessing Ceremony at the UN, begins his first world tour and celebrates his 90th... Read more

A Unification Saint is Laid to Rest

The SeongHwa (ascension) of Rev. Reiner Vincenz, held in Schaumburg, IL on Saturday, January 24 2015 was a joyful and victorious celebration of a life well lived in the service of God and True Parents.... Read more