The First World Tour

This week in history, True Father and Won Pil Kim arrive in Pusan, True Father conducts a World Peace Blessing Ceremony at the UN, begins his first world tour and celebrates his 90th... Read more

A Unification Saint is Laid to Rest

The SeongHwa (ascension) of Rev. Reiner Vincenz, held in Schaumburg, IL on Saturday, January 24 2015 was a joyful and victorious celebration of a life well lived in the service of God and True Parents.... Read more

Creating a Heavenly Way of Life

When we’re living our daily routine, it isn’t always easy to step out of our comfort zone and live in such a way that serves others, inspires ourselves and brings us closer to our Heavenly Parent. If we... Read more

Your Weekly Update

There will be a live broadcast of Rev. Reiner Vincenz's seonghwa ceremony on Saturday, January 24, 2015 at 10:00am CST. You are invited to join in sharing a final goodbye with Rev.... Read more

Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood

Exactly 40 years ago today, the Unification church center in Paris was bombed by a Communist group after several negative articles in the French liberal media. Klaus Schick recounts the events on and after... Read more

The New Year as a Community Affair

Winter Workshops are a chance for communities to converge on their spiritual journey, build close relationships and learn from one another. All around the United States this holiday season, Unificationists... Read more