Rallying a New World Together

This Week in History, September 14-20True Mother tours Japan with President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush.True Father starts a new prayer tradition.True Father’s Seonghwa ceremony is held.Korea hosts the... Read more

Siblings Mirror Who We Truly Are

Despite the struggle, rivalry and estrangement we can sometimes go through with our siblings, we often find that our siblings know us best and bring out the best (and the worst) in ourselves so that we can... Read more

Remember to Register Today!

The Level 2 Blessing Workshop is upon us! Register today for the Early Bird deadline. Want to learn more about the Matching Process and how to prepare for marriage? The Level 2 Marriage Blessing Seminar will... Read more

Living like Our True Father

It’s hard to compare True Father’s life with our own; True Father went through nearly insurmountable challenges while carrying an unprecedented vision to bring the world back to God all while being the... Read more

We Are the Legacy of Peace

Japanese version This week, we are made especially conscious of world peace as we reflect on the memory of 9/11, which happened 13 years ago. This tragic event led the activities of True Father’s final... Read more

Preparing for the National Memorial Service

Our National Memorial Service is expected to be a gathering of people of all ages to celebrate and carry on the legacy of True Father’s amazing life and work. Here is a taste of the entertainment that the... Read more

A Year of Giving and Opportunity

Unificationists have stepped up in a big way to help with important events and projects this year. We could almost call this the “Year of Giving”, because all of these endeavors have been made possible by... Read more