A Patron of the Arts

This week in history, Bo Hi Pak begins his testimony before the Fraser Committee, the Cheong Shim World Peace Center is dedicated, the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace is founded, the Crown of Peace... Read more

Loving God With All Our Heart, Soul and Mind

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chair of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) North America, shared a message at the New Jersey Family Church in Clifton, New Jersey on Sunday, March 22,... Read more

In Memory of Shinnosuke Takahashi

Shinnosuke Takahashi was born on July 22,1953 in Japan and ascended on March 19, 2015. He has a deep heart to serve others and a sincere desire to serve our Heavenly Parent. The Seonghwa Ceremony is on Monday,... Read more

Your Weekly Update

Every Friday the national ministry team compiles stories and important upcoming events in a quick weekly update video. Here is what we cover this... Read more

Foundation Day Donation

On March 3, 2015, we celebrated the Second Anniversary of Foundation Day. You can still make a donation for Foundation Day until March 31,... Read more

Marriage Enrichment Webinar

Join other couples for a “Sex, Health and Happiness for Men & Women” Marriage Enrichment Webinar presented by Christoph and Lena Yasutake on March 23 and 25 at 9:00 PM... Read more

Reconnecting to Our Roots

Think of how much more our lives could mean if we connected to our roots and lived our lives as a part of the bigger picture. The following articles are inspiring accounts of how to co-create a life with God,... Read more

A Year in Review

The National Ministry team developed the 2014 Year in Review booklet, an easy way to share our faith, help others get to know our community and move forward in our outreach... Read more

Dinner-Dance Youth Scholarship Fundraiser

New York Unificationists danced the night away on March 14 at a Dinner-Dance Youth Scholarship fundraiser. Inspired by Ambassadors for Peace, the community came together to raise funds to ensure that all of... Read more