What Our World Needs Most

This week in history, a Soviet journalist interviews True Father, True Father is released from Pyongyang Jail, Young Oon Kim relocates to San Francisco and UTS is granted a “provisional... Read more

A Message on Tribal Messiahship

In early November, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim visited the Las Vegas Family Church and Los Angeles Family Church where he shared a few words of wisdom with the gathered congregations.... Read more

Happy 5th Blessing Anniversary!

The Blessing & Family Ministry wants to wish a very happy 5th anniversary to all couples Blessed in marriage on November 16, 2009! Read their testimonies from the past five... Read more

Preparing for Great Blessings

As we look ahead to exciting events, we appreciate all the blessings that our Heavenly Parent has given us. This week we are grateful for the blessings of marriage, education and True... Read more

A Weekend Retreat for College Students

The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) is hosting several Divine Principle study workshops—weekend retreats that allow you to put life on pause and... Read more

Contest Winners Announced!

The winners for the "Fully Alive with God" Photo Contest have been announced! Curious as to who they are? Find out here and enjoy the beautiful gallery of... Read more

Special Retreat and Resources from BFM

A new resource is available from the Blessing and Family Ministry (BFM). BFM is excited to announce that the long awaited matching handbook for single Unificationists has... Read more

Little Ways to Make a Difference

As Unificationists striving to build True Father’s vision of a world of peace we often wonder where to begin. Here are some ideas on little ways to make a difference, using relationships... Read more