This Week in History, June 1-7

This Week in History briefly lists significant events in the history of the Unification Church, the lives of the Founders, and world events that are momentous to Unificationists. Most items are marked... Read more

America Is God’s Hope

This week, join us in learning the vision of the God’s Hope for America Road Trip. Learn about the God’s Hope for America Road Trip  goals: To Remember True Father’s efforts in America,... Read more

How to Witness in the 21st Century

Local churches and ministries are harnessing the power of technology to connect with both members and guests in this age of the Internet. True Mother has expressed on numerous occasions her commitment to... Read more

A Divine Love Life

DP Life aims to teach how to live a Divine Principle-inspired life, so that we can practice true values and learn to live for more than just ourselves. DP values surrounding love and marriage hold incredible... Read more

Welcome to Our New Special Emissary

This morning we welcomed Dr. Chang Shik Yang back to the United States and to the Americas, and held an installation ceremony for his new capacity as a special envoy of True Parents for North and South... Read more

Happy 52nd Day of All True Things!

Today is an opportunity to offer heartfelt thanks for all the good things that God created—from creation to the love in our families. Many Unificationists have had pre-Holy Day celebrations this past Sunday.... Read more

DP Life Asks the World…

This week on DP Life we are examining relationship priorities… as told by readers! DP Life seeks to understand how values in a relationship change depending on marital status, by asking all readers to rate... Read more