Defining the Divine

After a lifetime of working, many people look forward to relaxing in their retirement. Yet Paul DiLorenzo from Billings, Montana wants to retire so that he can do God’s work.... Read more

Recap of High Noon 2017

Latest Resource
High Noon was initiated by passionate Unificationists to bring solutions to the many members of our community being impacted by pornography. Check out this recap of everything you helped accomplish in... Read more

The Victory of Love

This Week in History
This week in history, God's Day is established, Sekai Nippo is established, the Day of the Victory of Love is observed, Dr. Young Oon Kim begins her American mission, True Father plans his inaugural speaking... Read more

A “Blue Christmas” Without True Mother

On Christmas day, the new sub-regional directors and FFWPU USA President Rev. Richard Buessing had the opportunity to sing Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas" for True Mother. Watch the video of their performance... Read more

Turning Point 2017

Developing Story
30 young adults who are relatively new to the Divine Principle and over 90 Unificationists have gathered at the International Peace Education Center for Turning Point, CARP’s 7-day Divine Principle workshop.... Read more