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  • Bruce Sutchar


    There were 56 participants and I fell in love with so many of the 2nd gen BCs. They were mostly from the East Coast, especially New Jersey.
    I also appreciated the wisdom of such elders as Noah Ross, Richard Buessing, John Redmond, Marks Boitano & Anderson, David Burgess, Lucia Anderson, Paul Yasutake, henri & Loretta Schauffler, Tom & Alexa Ward, and the incredible music of Rick Joswick.
    We are hoping to do one in Chicago (maybe January—a great time to get great hotel rates).
    Hilde Weiman came by and gave a short talk; Tom McDevitt who is on fire about reviving the ALCs and doing Tribal Messiahship (everyone you know is your tribe) and Bishop Kim & Michael Balcomb each gave short remarks. There were several other testimonies.
    I am inspired that we can inspire our 2nd Gen BCs to want to man the ship so that everything that Father has done and all the foundation that Father has built in America will be like the seeds planted on fertile soil because the answer my friend is in the hearts of men, as our first and second generations become one.
    Most of the BCs came because some other BC invited, pulled or pushed them to come. Many of them are not regularly working with the church. Many of them are working with outside companies..
    It was a great weekend, most especially because it was held at East Garden. What a great spirit was present. I hope and pray that the participants will all go out and encourage their friends to attend the next ones.

    Honestly, this was one of the most inspiring meeting that I have attended in years and years.


  • bruce sutchar


    what happened to my comment?


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