A Testimony to True Father through Verse

Lloyd Howell, author of Remembering Father: A Poetic Tribute to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon gave a reading at the alumni conference at the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) during the UTS graduation on May... Read more

Thank You from the Leda Project

The Leda Project was established by True Father in 1999 in the wetlands of the Pantanal, a region shared by the nations of Paraguay and Brazil. True Father envisioned that it would become a place that would... Read more

Service in Practice

For the “communities” portion of its one-year leadership training, GPA recently sent 15 participants to spend three weeks with the Clifton, New Jersey Unificationist community transitioning from the... Read more

UTS Alum at Center of Nepal Quake

The following report is from Dr. Robert Kittel, UTS ’93, who was in Kathmandu on April 25 and whose wife remains there. Dr. Kittel is temporarily visiting the United States and serves as the Universal Peace... Read more

Divine Principle Draws Attention

Outreach teams are rediscovering the power of the Divine Principle through the guests they meet every day. As people accept invitations to hear Divine Principle lectures, their enthusiasm for the content... Read more