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  • Lina Kim


    Thank you.
    This article gave me renewed conviction and appreciation for Mrs Moon’s efforts.

    There are many articles on the FFWPU website that seem to purposely not address pressing issues (sometimes I call them “fluff pieces”)- like articles about how to clear you mind, how to be effective, what some teens are doing at a retreat, etc. Although these issues are important, I was wondering if they served only to deflect attention from growing problems in our community by way of painting an idealized reality or by condescendingly dumbing down issues. Anyway, it’s been a long time since an article on the ffwpu website and event inspired me as a poignant statement about the strength of ffwpu’s leadership to address current problems.


  • Pamela Stein


    Most amazing speech. Thank you Dr Kim. I’m memorizing many of these points to remember in the months to come. So grateful, PamStein


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