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  • Edna empuesto


    Thank you True Parents the only solutions to the problem of the world is only True Parent’s way. Including this covid 19. The whole world need True Love Vaccine from the True Parents of Heaven , Earth and Humandkind. WCLC must proclaim TPs to the whole world now.


  • Irmgard Baynes


    Thank you for pulling out this address by True Father, it shows how truly progressive True Parents are. This message touched me so much today when I am bombarded with news that seems to divide us versus unite us. ‘What do you do when a member of your family is in trouble? Do you criticize him and tear him apart? Of course not. You guide him. You comfort him. You love him unconditionally. You belong to the American family, and Richard Nixon is your brother. Will you not then love your brother? You must love the President of the United States.” is one message in this address what stands out to me today. thanks again, Irmgard


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