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  • Hermine Schellen


    Thank you, for this excellent report.

    What a wonderful celebration in the presence of True Mother.

    God Bless America


    Hermine Schellen

    UPF Lebanon


  • Carmela Lim


    So happy for all who attended the special Thanksgiving event with our
    wonderful, amazing True Mother! And congratulations to Dr. Kim
    and our American family for the victorious and inspiring “Peace Starts With Me” Healing America.


  • Daniel and An Na Chang Castillo Family


    Yes! Respectfully Congratulations to all and everyone. At home we are consistently meditating and praying for True Mothers needed energy good health and wellness as it takes so much out of a person who gives so much such as our True Parents namely our True Mother and everyone else consciously advancing heavens agenda for seven point six billion people and beyond. In a sense collectively no matter how large or small we are all Heaven has to work with we are all the added encouragement and strength True Mother needs as she providentially moves forward. We are also hoping that after each concluding event the attendees will reciprocate with the Peace Movement members relationally getting to know more of one to another through community activities and friendly intimate invite home meals with each other after all the major effort being established for more future readiness that will surely come. Congratulations to everyone we send our blessed family strength and love your way


  • Tyler Hendricks


    Beautiful! Photos and words centering on True Mother’s love and warmth. Thank you everyone!


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