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  • Family CAMPAGNE


    Hoondokhwe is a treasure because it’s all based on true life experience and is inspiring.
    I remember as a guest waiting at the center I was encouraged to have a look at some activity magazines.
    One day as I sat in the waiting room a cupboard opened and showered booklets of of True Parents speeches. I picked them up and had a look at one out of curiosity. I was a bit sad at having finished the whole speech so quickly, wishing it had never ended.
    From then on while waiting to be taught Divine Principle, I would happily read those speeches.
    My ability to study Divine Principle had been preempted by those speeches; that’s Divine Principle in motion.
    Between that time and when Hoondokhwe began in 1997 I spent my time at various centers hunting for speeches, hungry as awolf to lay my eyes on any True Parents’ words, even a small quote.
    Years later one of our children exclaimed excitedly ‘Oh Hoondokhwe is like watching a super movie!’


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