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  • David Loew


    Actually the name One World Crusade was voted on by the members at the Courtney House in Hollywood. I can’t remember which one I voted for. But there was a lot of debate pro and con. True Father did not decide. At times True Father would discuss ideas and listen to the Unification Church members’ reasoning pro and con. In that way, he drew the members in and got to know them based upon their sharing of ideas. There was a lot more give and take not just declarations. Very few declarations. True Father could be a very compelling and persuasive person and he would appeal to the better angels in people to move them. He was not rigid but strong/actively comfortable in public; and secure in his inner knowledge of God. If you tried to anticipate what he might decide or talk about, you would usually be 99.8% wrong. His way of thinking was so different than anyone. He wanted to learn about America: much of his education went on with his give and take with members. He was a great student of studying people and nature. He was such a fundamentally ‘good’ person which you could feel, and he had developed that throughout his life’s course by going through so much indemnity/suffering.


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