The Heart of a Parent

This week in history, the first ICUS conference is held, Tiempos Del Mundo is launched, True Parents visit Oceania for the first time, True Parents prepare to meet with Kim Il Sung and... Read more

What Our World Needs Most

This week in history, a Soviet journalist interviews True Father, True Father is released from Pyongyang Jail, Young Oon Kim relocates to San Francisco and UTS is granted a “provisional... Read more

Connecting Nations and Religions

This week in history, November 9-16: True Father proposes an international highway David S.C. Kim’s Seonghwa (ascension) ceremony is held Sang Ik “Papa-san” Choi... Read more

Breakthroughs of Peace

This week in history, November 2-8: the CAUSA International Headquarters building has its grand opening; True Mother’s mother, Soon Ae Hong, ascends into the spirit world; Sung Hwa University is established;... Read more

Women Make Strides in History

This week in history, True Mother makes her first public appearance in the states after True Father's Seonghwa, the Peace Queen Cup inaugural tournament is held, the Cheongshim Peace World Center has its... Read more

A Global Vision

This week in history: October 19-26Children’s Day is establishedThe first World Media Conference is heldTrue Father begins a journey on the Amazon RiverThe 777-Couple Holy Marriage Blessing is... Read more

The Road From Injustice to Blessings

This week in history: October 12-18True Father is released from the Heungnam Labor Camp.The 6,000-Couple Holy Marriage Blessing is held in Seoul.The first Cosmic Blessing Ceremony is held.True Father is... Read more

Happy Blessing Anniversary!

1982 was a significant year for the Holy Marriage Blessing, with the 6,000-Couple Blessing held in Seoul, Korea and the 2,075-Couple Blessing held in Madison Square Garden. This video was created two years... Read more

All the Lands We Loved

This week in history: October 5-11The Cheongpa-dong Church is purchasedThe Belvedere estate is purchasedCARP confronts communism in West GermanyA post-9/11 conference on “Global Violence: Conflict and... Read more

New Beginnings

This week in history: September 28-October 4True Parents introduce “My Pledge” which later becomes the “Family Pledge”True Father begins the 21-city “Day of Hope” tourTrue Father launches Ocean... Read more