Unveiling Love and Truth

This week in history: August 24-30True Father hosts the World Tuna Tournament.True Parents conduct the International Holy Wedding Ceremony of 30,000 couples (1992) and 360,000 couples (1995).World Scripture: A... Read more

True Father Begins and Ends His Ministry

This week in history: August 10-16 True Father gives his final prayer. The Professors World Peace Academy convenes under the title “The Fall of the Soviet Empire.” True Parents donate 29 ambulances to... Read more

The Wall Must Go Down!

This week in history: August 3-9Hyo Jin Moon led a march to the Berlin WallTrue Father was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital after developing pneumonia August 8, 1987Hyo Jin Moon Leads March to the Berlin... Read more

Bringing God to the Nation

This week in history: July 27-August 2National Parents’ Day was proclaimed.True Mother spoke on Capitol Hill.The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) was established.The first National... Read more

A Pioneer of Peace

This week in history: July 20-26The first 40-day pioneer witnessing tradition beganTrue Father Enters Danbury PrisonTrue Father launches the forty-day National Prayer and Fast for the Watergate CrisisTrue... Read more

A Culture of Peace

This week in history: July 13-19The first Peace Cup soccer tournament was held.True Father was sentenced for tax evasion, leading to millions supporting an appeal.True Parents launched the Abel Women United... Read more

Chosen By God

This week in history: July 6-12True Father declared his messiahship publicly for the first time.Kyung Yu Moon, True Father’s father, was born.Roman Catholic Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo returns to his wife,... Read more

Declarations and Blessings

This week in history: June 15-21The Washington Declaration was the second of three declarations made by True Parents on interreligious peace.2,075 couples were blessed in marriageTrue Father announced the... Read more

From War to Freedom

This week in history: June 22-28True Father is installed as the chairman of the Korean Root-Finding AssociationThe Korean War breaks out with the invasion of North Korea into South KoreaTrue Father speaks to... Read more

Our Missions and the Path of Life

This week in history: June 15-21True Mother is presented with a special award following her World Speaking TourKorean-born Unificationist, Mr. Nishikawa, is smuggled into Japan to begin his missionary workTrue... Read more