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  • Peter Nordquist


    Dr. Sonnenborn, Is that you? Patrick Cleary, now in the Phillippines for many years has been wondering about your whereabouts.


  • Dr John Coles


    Salutations Dr Hugh Spurgin, and congratulations on your appointment as Acting President, UTS. My regards also to your wife (Nora?). You may remember me as the Aussie guy who tried to help at ICF & PWPA in the late 8Os. Despite my personal problems then and since, I have spent 21 years working on a major problem-solving book that I hope to publish this year. I have a version with US spelling and hope that it will be a useful fundraising product to help boost UTS finances. ITN John


  • John Andrew Sonneborn, D.Min


    I sympathize with Dr. Panzer, whom I greatly admire for his long time work with Family Values and his dedicated and arduous work at UTS in fulfilling the mission given him by then president In Jin Moon. It must be saddening not to be able to further develop and magnify the foundation that he has made at Barrytown. He can be sure that this work continues to be in good hands.

    Dr. Spurgin,




    Please let me know if I can help in some way. I am now semi-retired and living in a public housing project in Central Harlem right off the highway, and have plenty of time for helping.


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