America Is God’s Home

We have finished our Homest­ead portion of the God’s Hope for America tour and have celebrated knowing that we are one family under God everywhere we go. In Oklahoma City we looked back on the history of... Read more

We Embark on a Journey to Revive God’s Hope

This week, we look forward to an exciting six weeks on the road beginning this Sunday, June 22. The God’s Hope for America revival road trip kickoff is preceded by the Family Federation for World Peace and... Read more

A Tribute to Fathers

Japanese version We’d like to wish a happy Father’s Day to all the dads who work hard and guide their children to know our Heavenly Parent! We all can reconnect ourselves to our Heavenly Parent this summer... Read more

A Celebration of Fresh Transitions

Japanese version This week, there are many congratulations to be said. Join us as we celebrate. Rev. Tanya Edwards was celebrated as the new Family Church of New York City (FCNYC) pastor this past Sunday. Her... Read more

America Is God’s Hope

This week, join us in learning the vision of the God’s Hope for America Road Trip. Learn about the God’s Hope for America Road Trip  goals: To Remember True Father’s efforts in America,... Read more

Looking Back to Go Forward

Japanese version Memorial Day is about remembering the servicemen and women who gave their lives for their nation. Their example can inspire us to live our lives for something bigger than ourselves. This week... Read more

Captaining This Ship

Japanese version This week, we reflect on being true “captains” of our lives. This means taking responsibility and taking action where we see it is most needed. With this theme in mind, here are this... Read more

Happy Mother’s Day!

Japanese version Thank you to all of the mothers out there who give so much to their families each day. True Mother is also celebrating Mother’s Day this year with a grand Sunday Service in Cheongpyeong.... Read more

Recognizing Our Roots

Japanese version From humble beginnings to solid steps toward a vision of one family under God, let us celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Holy Spirit Association for World Peace and Unification. To see how... Read more