Educating Ourselves to Become Leaders

With the coming of spring, the nation has awoken, welcoming the season with exciting outreach and witnessing initiatives. With a foreword featuring True Mothers’ recent message on the future of America and... Read more

God’s Providence is Within Ourselves

Japanese version This week, after a jubilant celebration for True Parents’ Day with True Mother at the Queen Coffee Garden in Kona, Hawaii, we are reminded of our individual paths and journeys in finding God... Read more

Using Our Strengths to Bring the World Together

This week brought exciting developments in our outreach initiatives all over the world. Watch the video update to see what has been happening from Las Vegas to Venice, Italy. To address needs for outreach and... Read more

Investing in Our Surroundings

Japanese version On the occasion of True Mother’s visit to Las Vegas this past week, we would like to highlight the International Education Center and Peace Palace. It is a big step forward in... Read more

Weekly Update: Planning for Church Growth

Japanese version Church growth is our most important goal in 2014, and has been a recurring theme of True Mother’s recent messages. Join us in watching this week’s update from Phoenix, Arizona, where… A... Read more

Preparing for Foundation Day

Japanese version We are just a few days away from the first anniversary of Foundation Day. America is sending a delegation of about 200 to Korea, and more than 100 couples are participating in the Blessing... Read more