Our Utmost Task is to Share True Parents’ Blessings and Truth

On Sunday, May 24, 2015, True Mother shared the following message at the Manhattan Center in New York, during the True Father 1,000-Day Memorial Celebration.


My dear, beloved blessed families and families from all over the world watching the live Internet coverage:

Right now is a very green season. All of you blessed families, I really hope all your dreams will come true. That is my prayer. You’ve just watched a video with several of my speeches, several of my tours. Was it boring for you?

If we look at the past three years since True Father’s ascension, if we say it was long, we think of it as long; if we say it was short, we think of it as short. However, when considering the providence of restoration, in these past three years we’ve witnessed more miracles and results than in the previous 50 years. Do you agree with me?

One world must be realized centering on True Parents. That is why we need one common language. We are attending True Parents. What language are the True Parents using? So, please, I hope you can study Korean.

When I was congratulating the European community on the 50-year anniversary of the Unification movement in Europe, I was able to meet with the European family members very closely. In particular, it was not easy to be missionaries and particularly to sacrifice themselves in the countries of the communist bloc during the Cold War.

Fortunately it was possible through Austria. In particular, Unificationists from Austria and Germany stood at the forefront doing missionary work, sacrificing themselves. Just prior to my speech Sun Jin Moon mentioned this. I met the people who survived the “Butterfly Mission,” which was known only among the missionaries.

It was kept secret because of how sensitive it was. I met the Unificationists who survived these operations.

Growing Deep Roots

When I look at the providence of restoration, I feel deep within my bones the tremendous sorrow and difficulties in this providence of re-creation.

However, when we look at the olive tree, in order for the tree to grow strong roots, it has to grow for 15 years. However, after growing roots for 15 years, it is able to adapt to the barren environment that is the desert. Some olive trees have survived for over 2,000 years.

There are certain trees that survived from the time of Jesus. When I looked at these trees, I reflected on all the European family members, especially the missionaries from Austria, who for the past 50 years really invested themselves, and I thought how many difficulties they overcame. Nonetheless, they were very strong, they were very courageous and they grew very deep roots.

I realized that for the olive tree it takes 15 years to grow roots. However, if we have a tree that takes 50 years to grow roots, no matter what natural disaster happens, whatever earthquake happens, that tree will remain alive or survive whatever calamity may happen.

When I looked at the testimonies of Unificationists over the course of 50 years, and when I looked at their faces, when I looked at how much they achieved, and when I looked at the second and third generation Unificationists to whom they gave birth, and Europe is filled with hope to start a new 50 years, I emphasized to them that today must be different from yesterday, that our lives in the past should not be the same as our lives today or tomorrow. This is the point I emphasized.

In particular, the numbers are quite providential. It is 70 years since the independence of Korea, and it is 70 years since the founding of the United Nations. Also, when we look at Austria, after its independence 60 years ago, it proclaimed itself as a permanent neutral nation. All of the circumstances following its independence came in line with all the other numbers that commemorated this tour of Europe.

What Do We Do With Our Blessings?

When I reflected on it, I thought, “This time when I visit America and look at the American family members, what message can I convey to them?” I reflected deeply on this. Europe and America are the restored Cain and Abel. When Jacob was fulfilling his condition of 21 years of work and when he was returning to his hometown, what did he do? He took all of his assets, he took all of his wealth and he gladly offered them to his brother.

If America at this present moment were able to develop more, it would be wonderful. When we look at the history of the founding of the United States, we can realize it was God’s providence of preparing to welcome the Messiah. Do you agree with me?

When we look at Heaven’s work to restore humanity, to save humanity, think of all the difficulties it had to go through for 4,000 years to send a Messiah through the Israelites, but what happened to him? He was crucified on the cross, and the reason for the crucifixion is because the people at the time were not able to welcome him. What kind of indemnity was waiting for them when they could not fulfill their responsibility? I’m sure you understand it well.

They lost the center for 2,000 years of Christianity. Therefore, the history of Christianity hasn’t been a smooth one. In the 17th century, instead of following rituals and in order to find religious freedom, in order to freely worship God, the Puritans left England and came to America. They brought the blessing to America. Do you agree with me?

Accordingly, when a nation receives Heaven’s blessing, Heaven does not bless a nation or a particular individual for the sake of that particular individual alone. God’s Will, God’s wish and the Will of Heaven and all humanity is to welcome True Parents. That is the dream God had at the time of creation, and that is also the hope and desire of fallen humanity. Fallen humanity has kept this dream for all of history. However, the history of providence of restoration has been difficult.

Let Us Work to Fulfill Our Responsibility Together

God has raised central figures and has worked through them in the providence. However, when we look at history, we see that when the central figures made even one small mistake, what happened to them? God never used the person who failed his responsibility again in the history of the providence.

When we look at the United States, it is a nation that was blessed by the True Parents, forgiven by True Parents. Accordingly, what should this nation do? Has it attended the True Parents? The True Parents went to prison in the United States, and, when we think of it, can the children send the parent to prison? Is that a good thing to do?

Blessed families of today, in particular elder blessed families: When you look at your lives, I’m sure that you have passed the half-century mark. What does this mean? It means that when you look at the rest of the time you will live on this earth, you do not have so much time left. Isn’t that so? As blessed families, each one of us and our tribes and our nation, we need to work to fulfill our responsibility together. In particular, this land of the United States was blessed by God was blessed by True Parents to have the same strength—and even exceed the strength—of the Roman Empire of 2,000 years ago.

However, what has happened? The United States is being pushed from all corners. In the past there was a saying that “All roads lead to Rome.” In regard to the British Empire, it was said, “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” What about the United States? The United States has no one that wants to stand on its side. You have got to know this.

We Need True Parents As Our Center

My dear beloved blessed families—You should not let go of True Parents. They are your hope.

Accordingly, henceforth the United States needs to fulfill its responsibility. In order to do so, Korea and the Korean Peninsula needs become the top issue for the United States. Do you know what I mean? The homeland of God, Korea, needs to become one nation. And I hope the United States will stand on the forefront of this great task.

To fulfill God’s wish and humanity’s wish of realizing one world, one unified world, we need a center. At the center we need to attend the True Parents and we need to move forward as one. That is the great responsibility with which America has been entrusted.

When I was visiting Europe, I went to the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and I spoke confidently. The United Nations has a history of 70 years. For the past 70 years it has worked for world peace and it has endeavored to improve the world. However, the United Nations is also facing uncertainties about its mission. That is why I spoke with confidence. I said the United Nations needs to reveal the identity of God.

That is the only way that this entire world, which is filled with misery and desolation, can stand at the center and can move in accordance with God’s providence. That is how all the problems that have been entangled can be loosened. In order to become blessed families who fulfill your responsibility, is it okay if there are people in this world who do not know about True Parents? No. Please testify about True Parents to the people around you.

Our Internal Essence

When we look at the 2,000 years of Christianity, we see that they waited for the returning Messiah and that the culture they developed was incredible. However, there is no essence. It is more external, it is not internal.

Accordingly, all of us are living together with True Parents at the same time and we’re working for the sake of world peace, trying to realize one family under God. In order to devote ourselves to this task, we need to work harder. The method to do so is for us to fulfill our responsibility. What responsibility is that? It is to testify to True Parents through our tribes and bring them to the Holy Marriage Blessing.

Today we are celebrating the 1,000 days since True Father’s ascension. Isn’t it the truth that all of you will go to the spirit world at some point? And when you go to the spirit world, the type of life you lead in the spirit world will depend on your earthly life, your actions, how much you devoted yourself to living for the sake of others and practicing true love every day. In other words, this means that the more you testify about True Parents, the greater your achievements will be.

The 7 billion people around the world are looking for parents. Accordingly, what greater task is there than testifying about the True Parents to orphans around the world? We need to be filled with hope and confidence that the actions of every one of us and the way we realize our responsibility will be the catalyst for greater hope in this world. Accordingly, the position you hold in the spirit world depends on how much you have fulfilled your responsibility.

Our Task is to Share the Truth

At this present moment, even though you may be physically uncomfortable, although our earthly life may be 100 years, it’s a very short period compared to eternity and the spirit world.

Therefore, all of you, please unite with the European family members. It is same for North and South America. When we look at the European sphere, we feel the need to testify about True Parents to them. Aren’t they miserable? For 2,000 years they devoted themselves, sacrificed themselves, to wait for the coming Messiah; however, eventually what is left is something external. Therefore our task is to share the truth. It is only through the True Parents that Christianity can find hope for the future. That is how they can be blessed to be standing in a position of glory. I hope you can work with me to realize this task.

Therefore the United States is beginning a new 50 years with a serious determination. We’re going to live a different life from yesterday, we are going to move forward; we are going to make progress forward. If you make this promise, please clap with me. Please let’s applaud all together!

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    True Mother’s message is so inspiring! Kamsahamnida! Saranghaeyo!!


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    Thank you True Mother! To my last breath, may I rededicate all to God and True Parents!!! Aju!


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