True Father’s Words on True God’s Day

전력투구, 사생결단! 전력투구! (전력투구!) 산고를 당한 아기 엄마들이 그 시간을 맞을 때에는 생사를 걸고 전력투구를 하고 있다는 것을 알아야 돼요.... Read more

True Father’s 2012 Midnight Prayer

The following is True Father’s 2012 midnight prayer offered at the Cheon Jeong Gung (Palace of Heavenly Righteousness) in Cheongpyeong, Korea on 1.1 by the heavenly calendar in 2012 (Jan. 23, 2012 by the... Read more

Chuseok Banquet at Cheon Jeong Gung

International President Rev. and Mrs. Hyung Jin Moon, Hyojin-nim’s wife Yeon Ah Choi Moon, Heungjin-nim’s wife Hoon Sook Moon, True Grandchildren, leaders and some staff, a total of over 100... Read more