Your Weekly Update

Every Friday the national ministry team compiles stories and important upcoming events in a quick weekly update video. Here is what we cover... Read more

In Touch

Spring, the time when all of nature comes to life, is a season for us to come alive, too. For the next three weeks, DP Life will be hosting a “Spring Challenge” on Facebook and Twitter to help you get... Read more

24+ Connect Save-the-Date!

The next 24+ Connect Retreat will be held September 3-6, 2015, Labor Day Weekend, in Sonoma County, CA. The retreat will provide an opportunity for 24-39 year-old single young adults of the larger... Read more

True Mother’s American Speaking Tour

True Mother embarked on a 16-city speaking tour from April 1-16, 1998 under the banner:  “Blessed Marriage and Eternal Life”. She spoke in Chicago, Dallas, Boston, St. Louis, Oakland, Atlanta, Washington... Read more

Outreach: Authentic and Genuine Connection

Last week, the outreach teams in Northern Virginia and Los Angeles learned valuable lessons about the nature of outreach and the miracles that are possible when we genuinely seek to connect. Read these... Read more

A Holy Wedding

This week in history, Parents’ Day is established, WFWP is inaugurated, the Interdenominational Conference for Clergy visits Korea for the first time and True Parents’ are married at their Holy... Read more

Blessing & Family Ministry Life Resources

In all stages and milestones in life, the Blessing & Family Ministry is there to support, guide and provide resources for healthy living. Check out the latest marriage enrichment webinar, publications to... Read more