Music Therapy by DP Life

This week, DP Life talked about music—creating a healthy music culture and using music in constructive ways. Today’s blog post closes the series with a list of tips on how to make your life more musical.... Read more

24+ Connect Retreat

Many Unificationist young adult singles feel a contradiction as part of a faith community in which being a great spouse and parent are among the top values—especially as one nears the “ripe old age” of... Read more

Let’s Talk about Music

Music is a universal language that touches the souls of everyone; people love hearing music, talking about music, and creating it. This week DP Life experienced the potential of this topic to excite people and... Read more

Congratulations, GPA Graduates!

On June 14, 2014, the Generation Peace Academy (GPA) concluded a year of personal growth, discovery and faith with a beautiful and incredibly moving commencement ceremony at the Unification Theological... Read more

Our Missions and the Path of Life

This week in history: June 15-21True Mother is presented with a special award following her World Speaking TourKorean-born Unificationist, Mr. Nishikawa, is smuggled into Japan to begin his missionary workTrue... Read more

What Songs Stir Your Soul?

  We can see the Divine Principle in everyday life, and what is more everyday than music? Hit songs surround us, with new tunes making the top charts each week, propagated by the radio, our iPods, movie... Read more