Moving On, but Staying Home

School season is about to begin, and many college students are moving into their campus dorms for the year. When we go through a big move like this from one home to another, we sometimes run the risk of losing... Read more

Level 2 Blessing Workshop: October 3-5 at UTS

Contributed by the Blessing and Family Ministry Want to learn more about the Matching Process and how to prepare for marriage? A Level 2 Marriage Blessing workshop is coming up on October 3–5 at the... Read more

Unveiling Love and Truth

This week in history: August 24-30True Father hosts the World Tuna Tournament.True Parents conduct the International Holy Wedding Ceremony of 30,000 couples (1992) and 360,000 couples (1995).World Scripture: A... Read more

Defining the Real Man

The spiritual journey can sometimes seem like a woman’s world when it comes to experiencing and expressing emotions and struggles. Though every human being goes through them, for men it is less socially... Read more

Building Friendships of Faith

Japanese version We’ve had a wonderful and inspiring summer of honoring True Parents around the country, completing the Holy Ground pilgrimage and recently commemorating True Father’s second Seonghwa... Read more

Breaking the Habit of Judging

We may never be free from judgmental thoughts, but recognizing them for what they are keeps us from casting stones, and gives us a chance to change our thought pattern to seek other possibilities. As we... Read more

Finding Joy in a Life with Special Needs

It takes a lot of effort to remember to hold onto the good things that we have, rather than dwell on the negative. It is inevitable that many of us or someone we know may be diagnosed with a disability. We... Read more

True Father Begins and Ends His Ministry

This week in history: August 10-16 True Father gives his final prayer. The Professors World Peace Academy convenes under the title “The Fall of the Soviet Empire.” True Parents donate 29 ambulances to... Read more

The Next Blessed Family Ministry Webinar

The National Blessing and Family Ministry ((BFM) has two upcoming events: a Marriage Enrichment Webinar on August 28 by Michael Callahan and a Level 2 Blessing Workshop on October 3-5 at Unification... Read more

Coverage of Universal Seonghwa Continues

This is the recorded video of the Anniversary event held in Korea on August 12, 2014 The Second Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa was held on August 12, 2014 in Korea with people from all around the... Read more