Your Weekly Update

Every Friday the national ministry team compiles stories and important upcoming events in a quick weekly update video. Here is what we cover in the first weekly update of 2015: Outreach Activities in Las Vegas... Read more

The Latest Issue of True Peace Magazine

IPeace TV released its January issue of True Peace magazine, a monthly electronic publication that highlights True Parents’ words—past and present—and news from around the world.  This month True Peace... Read more

A Practical Guide to Becoming a Global Citizen

We all want to experience different cultures and become more well-rounded, flexible and empathetic people. If each one of us pursued an intercultural understanding, this world would be a lot more peaceful.... Read more

Featured New Year’s Messages

The National Ministry team features sermons from around the country that inspire us take the steps we need to build God's Kingdom. Below are this week's featured messages welcoming in the New Year.... Read more

The 2015 National Ministry Kickoff

The National Ministry kicked off 2015 with its first monthly meeting of the year in New York City. It was an opportunity to reflect on 2014, thank and acknowledge everyone’s great work and make preparations... Read more

God’s Divine Design

The universe is made up of patterns, from the large scale down to the little details. Have you ever wondered why God created things a certain way? The Divine Principle offers answers, from why the world is... Read more

Omaha Celebrates Il Shim Graduates

Two high school age Unificationists, Joey Tsubaki and Aly Hoffman, participated in an Il Shim graduation ceremony on January 4, 2015 in Omaha Nebraska. Il Shim is an 11 week program for young Unificationists... Read more

Proclaiming a New Age

This week in history, January 4-10, Miss Kim begins the American mission and True Father proclaims the Completed Testament... Read more

FUSION: NEXTGEN Training Workshop

NextGen Trainings, an affiliate of NextGen Academy, is holding FUSION, a transformational family workshop that will help participants become skillful in listening, communicating and loving each other and... Read more